Blood Service

If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.

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Email us or call S.K.Duggal @ 9876059189 or Sunil @ 931615400



Hot tips for healthy donating!

Here's a few tips to help make your donation experience more comfortable and enjoyable for you.



  • Make sure you have something substantial to eat before coming in to give blood.
  • Also have 3-4 glasses of water, fruit juice or a milk drink before you donate to ensure your body has plenty of fluid. This helps the blood flow!




  • There's some  things to help you recover as quickly as possible from your lifesaving donation.
  • Keep up the fluids. Water, fruit juice, coffee, tea, milk drinks and others are all good, but we advise against drinking alcohol for 8 hours after you've given blood.
  • Also, don't do any heavy lifting with the 'donating arm' in the 24 hours after you've donated.


Donate again!

The good news is you can give blood again and help save more lives!

If you're a whole blood donor, you can give blood again in 12 weeks. If you're an apheresis plasma or platelet donor, you can give blood in around 2-3 weeks time.