Blood Service

If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.

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List Of donors

Name Group Phone No Availability
SANDEEP CHHIBBER B+ 9915011403 Call to Check
SUNIL KUMRA B - 931615400,  9464330000 after 31st Jan08
Manoj Kumar B+ 9357300143, 9815981929 after 31st Mar08
S.K.DUGGAL B+ 9876059189 Call to Check
VIJAY KUMAR B+ 9463066830 Call to Check
LAL CHAND B+ 9316876540 Call to Check
MOHIT SHARMA B+ 9888266881 Call to Check
VIKAS KHINDER B+ 9888300217 Call to Check
RAHUL SAHNI B+ 9915294120 Call to Check
PARDEEP KUMAR B+ 9815905388 Call to Check
GAURAV PARBHAKAR B+ 9888147418 Call to Check
RAJIV AGGARWAL B+ C/O 9316154000 Call to Check
VICKY B- 9316878473 Call to Check
GAURAV KUMRA B- 9815584836 Call to Check
AMIT KUMAR AB- 9888571806 Call to Check
ROHIT SHARMA O+ C/O 9316154000 Call to Check
SUNIL HUDDA O+ C/O 9316154000 Call to Check
RAJEEV SHARMA A+ 9888658408 Call to Check
SANJEEV SHARMA A+ 9888658408 Call to Check
DEEPAK A+ 9888310166 Call to Check
MANGA A+ 9857130815 Call to Check
     is a link website for bringing together Voluntary Blood Donors and Patients who need blood. We provide a list of donar volunteers who you can contact if you or your loved one is in need. But it is to the sole discretion of donor if he is willing or is not willing. We do not take any responsibility for any act of donors as they are not direct employees of is not a blood bank an does not deal in blood . It uses technology to help donors and patients to linkup and communicate.