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Here we will list the relevant links and other pertinent information about getting visitor visa:

Do not forget to read US travel guide here


Visitor visa to US is called B visa. It is a visa for temporary stay and can be for business, pleasure or medical.

  • B-1/B-2 is for business, pleasure and medical. Most applicants will receive this combination visa
  • B-1 is for business only
  • B-2 is for pleasure/medical only

Anyone can get a visitor visa regardless of if he is rich or poor or has a business or job. Basically you have to convince US embassy that:

  • You have a residence in India that you do not intend to abandon
  • You are going to the U.S. for a definite temporary period
  • You have permission to enter back into India after your stay in the U.S.
  • You have access to sufficient money to cover expenses of the visit and return passage
  • You will depart at the end of your authorized stay in the U.S.

    Business" does not generally mean to gain employment, but it does include almost any legitimate commercial activity, including: consultations with business associates, negotiating a contract, buying goods or materials, settling an estate, appearing as a witness in a court trail, participating in business or professional conventions or conferences, or undertaking independent research

    Pleasure" means activities such as touring, visits to friends and relatives, visits for rest or medical treatment, participation in conventions, conferences, or convocations of fraternal or social organizations, and participation by amateurs, who will receive no payment, in musical, sports and similar events or contests.
    Here is basic summary of steps involved with relevant links:

    Step 1: Pay the Application Fee & Service Charge
    Step 2: Book an Appointment & Complete the Application Forms
    Step 3: Attend your Visa Interview
    Step 4: Return of Passport by Courier



You do not need a visa, just have passport and buy a ticket, bus or airline.